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Haha that was my first coherent word ever. Thus i shall make it the first word on my blog too. 😉

I dont know what went through me tonight, starting a blog and all. I guess that hellava game of Rafael Nadal vs. Fernando Verdasco plays a role in initiating it. They play oh-so-awesome game i have to share my verve with the world! My family (baba, daniel and me. mama gradually joining us) is on Nadal. Not just because this top seeded player always play accordingly to his title. Baba said he has this innocent look and sense of (also innocent) humor in interviews that makes it hard not to like him. I agree. However tonight i think he’d been performing rather less than his average. He blundered every now and then. Seems like he cant handle the inertia of that handsome six-packs after serve return and his foot too heavy to lift for cross-court hits. It’s not a surprise he won the match point by Verdasco’s double fault. No offense, Rafa’s fan-atics, (i was screaming C’MON RAFA!!!! too during the game).  I had earlier in the day anticipated that today’s power performer would be Verdasco – proven true by Astro Supersports. yeah! haha. He played such riveting game with superb serve hits that he often ace! It’s true that his forehand is sometimes not that admirable with quite a number of unforced errors. Yet in this particular game tonight, his placings were rather unrivaled. The way he smashed (i dont know the tennis lingo for this) the ball in Nadal’s forecourt was capital! So there goes Verdasco into my fave players list. It’s a short list, i tell ya.

Beautiful game, gentlemen. Thank you both for the beautiful game.

Rafael Nadal of Spain falls to the ground after winning match point.

Rafael Nadal of Spain falls to the ground after winning match point.

Celebrates winning the fourth set tie-break

Celebrates winning the fourth set tie-break

Fernando Verdasco congratulates Rafael Nadal after winning the semifinal match

Fernando Verdasco congratulates Rafael Nadal after winning the semifinal match

Well done, Rafa! Fernando was very good, but you are still number 1!

Another that inspire me to start a blog of my own are those creative bloggers whose blogs i have read. You see, i have been an avid reader of blogs (is there anyone out there actually isnt?). I do adore blogging, and those bloggers who can nicely line up their words, make beautiful phrases out of it and publish rather nice-to-read entries. Some make it rather light, some made it seems important, and some make it enjoyable. One of the blogger that inspire me to write is a chocolate chipped cookie named azie. Haha sorry i made u sound delicious there, azie. I hope my blog will also make readers feel close to the issues and induce them to share more – as i do with azie’s and many more others. There’s also a good friend of mine who’s also a blogger, that urge me to make a page. So, farah, here u go! ;P

Thanks for reading. Hope i will update it often. 🙂
  1. farah says:

    awesome!! wat a good starts lahh darl~
    serious!! i do enjoy reading yours..
    tp sgt segann pn yer..mine is ‘rojakx’ nyer language..huhuu~ segann2..*blushing*
    keyh,keep it up!!
    rajin2 update taw!!
    i wanna read more!! =)


  2. tuty says:

    hye wan!

    oh-so-awesome game huh?

    ak da link kn blog ko blog ak hee =]

  3. cyberzwan says:

    haha..I’m the first one here..Welcome to the world of blogging dear friend..wawawa..Seronok 2 memang seronok..But you have to take notes of things that might be sensitive and not suitable for public viewers..hahaha…

    Gosh..I don’t know you are so passionate with tennis..hahaha..

    keep on blogging..support ur back bebeh..wawawa

  4. Iliana says:

    cyberzwan: ding ding ding!! my first-ever commentor! hadiahnya ialah..anda diberi peluang mengomen lagi dalam post yang akan datang! haha
    i’m not THAT passionate bro, just a chill out moment with my family. a good one. thanx for supporting!

    tuty: ho0w..yeah,,, awesome! i bet nadal vs federer would no doubt b n awesome-er 1, but sadly x dpt tgk.. 😦 kene tunggu ulangan kt mana2.

    farah: cyg~ thanx for ur support. i’d need more of that, always. ala..nk segan ape..we all arnt perfect, and still trying for the better. my rojak post is coming soon. 😉

  5. Kelvin says:

    Gosh, am I not the first to comment on Wan’s post?
    That was one fine piece of blog you have there Wan, and to answer your question, Yes there is one who can’t really be bothered to pore over pages and pages of blog : ME =D Well, yours will be an exception of course; I’m gonna be a full time commentator for your blog =P

    keep up the good work my friend!!

  6. Iliana says:

    kelvin: thanx kelv!haha u should try, can discover lotsa interesting real-life dramas in blogs. ;P

  7. lijo says:

    rafael nadal?
    nk federer jgk..nk jgk..huhuheh
    welcome my buddy~

  8. Sarah says:

    Congrats on starting your blog! Sorry I didn’t get around to reading it as soon as I had hoped to. 🙂

    It seems you and I started blogging for at least one of the same reasons – one blog in particular that I had read was what made me want to try it. Just in case you’re wondering what blog that is, the web address is:
    She doesn’t update terribly often, but when she does it’s good! 🙂

    Anyway, I enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing it with me. ^_^

  9. Azie says:

    elly-jen!! or shall i call u iliana? or your friends here call u wan. hmm, wait. let me check your ‘about me’.

    okeh got it.
    Wan Iliana Wan Mohd Sulaiman, what you wrote here is sooo sweeeet. terharu, terharu. ;’)
    thank you so much!

    “a chocolate chipped cookie named azie”
    readers like you are the ones that totally make my day 🙂

    believe me, ive been thinking why havent u started ur own blog because your comments on mine are so good that it can be a post of itself!
    but now you have. and im so happy that i’ll have another great blog to be a faithful commenter of.

    and what a wonderful way to begin your blog.
    the 1st word for me too, i think. and still seems to be the favourite. 😉

    about tennis, i hope i knew more so that i could support u there but unfortunately the only thing i know about tennis is that the tennis balls are fun to play bounce with hehehe.

    keep on writing iliana!
    you’ll see me here more often.
    thats for sure 😉

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