Posted: March 10, 2009 in yarns

Assalamualaikum, good day.

I’m back at the campus! Phew~ has been one busy weekend, with my aunt’s wedding and all. Alhamdulillah, she is now a wife to an agreeable man.

 Before, in my teenage years (not that now i’m not young. ;p), I’ve always been thinking, what will it be like when maksu is married. She is the youngest of my mom’s sibilings and her age distance is not that significant from mine (only 3 years gap). Since childhood, we were like sisters. Although i live in Pahang and she is in Kelantan, my hometown, every school holidays were spent together. My mom would usually pick her up from grandma’s house so that she can spend days at vacation spots with us. The same if there’s no vacation plan that year, she’d still come to my house in Pahang first, spend the first few Ramadhan there, (back then Ramadhan was often during school holidays) and then we took the bus back to Kelantan to join my grandparents for fasting and terawih, only the two of us. We shared almost everything. You know, it’s just like how you would be with your bff. There were times when we were a bit distant from each other, being so far away and having own cliques in school.. But since i went into university, which campus is just 20 minutes drive from my hometown, we are our old selves again. The first few semesters i didn’t have a car yet, so she often came and fetch me during weekends. We share pieces of our stories together, and i have my favourite shoulder to lean on again, in sadness or joy. It was just unthinkable if one day she would settle with a man, and have herself devoted to someone, for, ever. *sigh* But hey, come on Iliana, you’re a grown up now! Time to find your own! Ngee~ (^^)’ 

It’s funny though, when i come to think of it, she has only knew Mr.Right for less than a year, and they sort of knew somehow, along the way, that they are meant for each other. I’m saying this because as i knew my maksu, she was, whom one could say, a swinger. (yikes!! hope new hubby not reading this!). I listened to lotsa over-the-phone relationship conflicts, seen lotsa pictures, co-read (with her) lotsa valentines’ + hari raya + birthday cards and love letters from various guys. Sometimes they make me think that it’s a miracle for this girl to settledown with ONE man. Heheh..but like they all say, “Jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan Tuhan”. ;P It’s not that she wanted to play with guys’ feeling before, she just seemed so indecisive when it comes to guys. Then to make things easier she just accept every single man who came into her life, then rethink later. Haha yeap, no doubt, that’s a swinger right there. Hahaha now i don’t know what to say to back you up anymore, Su.

And now, finally, it’s time that she already made up her mind, accept only ONE prince of her heart, and be merry. It’s actually not bad, the man she chose. We can get along very well with each other. Not only me, but with the whole family. And maksu seems so happy with him, and that’s what matters most.

Maksu and her prince charming

Maksu and her prince charming

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Moksu.

Semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat. 🙂


  1. lijo says:

    at last..kawin juge maksu kamu..

    p/s: wan pernah cerita about ur maksu once..=)

  2. farah says:

    waa~ congratz maksu wan!!!
    anda ble lg yang??
    settle maksu nyer..turn anak buah lahh pulak kn?
    kn? kn? 😉 u’re da eldest lil daughter darl~
    jgn lupe invite sayer!! WAJIB lg ea~ 😉

  3. Azie says:

    perhaps thats a good thing of being a swinger.
    from all the ‘experiences gained’, it was finally easy for her to make up her mind that he’s The One.

    hmmm, suddenly the idea of being a swinger interests me. hahahaha.

    im not sure about you, but when a close relative of mine, like my cousin, gets married, it suddenly adds pressure to me. hehe sebab then my opah and all the makciks and neneks would ask me, “haaa, azie bile lagi?”
    aduhh, penat nak menjawab. haha. sedangkan baru masuk 20an. :p

    btw, your maksu and paksu look adorable together. moga bahgia dunia akhirat.

    ehem. cik iliana bile lagi nak mencari? :p

  4. Azie says:

    Iliana, wanna be cute? Then you’re tagged! :p

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