Posted: March 16, 2009 in random rambles

1) Copy badge “2009 Cute’s Blogger Award” at my blog .

2) Link/narrate about the fella that give the award to you.

3) All tagged blogger must state 10 facts/hobby of himself before picking the next award receiver (tagging).

4) You have to choose 5 fellas to give the award to and post their name in your blog.
5) Don’t forget to visit your fellas’ blogs and tell ’em they are tagged!

So..here goes the tasks:


2.   I’ve been tagged by a cookie! Haha the cookie is actually azie, a blogger of crumbsOFme that i can say i’m quite a constant reader of. I don’t really know this babe, but i feel almost always that i can relate to her thoughts put forward on cyber space. Can’t really describe about her for i might mislead you on different character of azie, thus it’s better for you to browse through her written thoughts: http://azienazri.blogspot.com/

3. Now for the 10 facts of me:

  1. I’m called Wan.
  2. I secretly prefer people to call me Iliana, but since there are too many fellas with ‘-yana’, Wan seems a better and simpler choice.
  3. I’m actually a Kelantanese. (haha don’t know why i put ‘actually’ there)
  4. I’m petite, thus think i deserve this cutie award. LOL
  5. I’m an Amway distributor. =)
  6. I used to have an imaginary friend whose name interchangeably between ‘Shah’ and ‘Ken’. Now he seldom visits.
  7. I’m going to Japan in 2010. Yay!
  8. I’m listening to Yuna’s After Midnight and in looooVve with the song. Plus vocal.
  9. I used to always think it’s boring to narrate about myself, hesitating me to put up a blog.
  10. I’m married.

4. Next cutiees in line:

  1. Teacher Farah
  2. Dr. Hazwan
  3. Dr. Ain Sabrina
  4. Ir. Ana Chronistics
  5. Ir. Lijoe
  1. what do you mean by i’m married???
    i’m answering ur tag nnti baca ye..

  2. Azie says:

    you’re going to Japan??

    and you’re married?
    lemme guess, to your books?
    hehehehe :p

    and I dont know you quite well too but we seem to get along fine dont we?
    hmmm, must be chemistry. hehe.

    thanks for promoting my blog here Iliana! 😉

  3. Iliana says:

    ain: hehe isnt it obvious? tak pakai inai je lagi ni. malas nak kecoh kat lecture hall. LOL

    azie: ngee~ for our electives actually. have to do the work first. research and all. adoi.. ;P

    haha good guess there.:)

  4. anna osman says:

    wan… btol ke da married ni…?!
    x jemput pon…smpi ati…huhu
    bile nk g japan…
    maw ikut jgak…
    wat pe kt sane nnt…?

  5. Iliana says:

    hye ana! huhu mane mkn ns minyak lg.. ;P
    wan mesti akan jmput ana. dun worry~ 🙂
    insyaAllah, hujung 2010 nnti. for elective project, join venture ngan uni sana.
    tp recently dpt news, trip tu mcm x sure lg plak. doa2kan lah ya.

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