Posted: March 25, 2009 in yarns

Assalamualaikum and good day!

I’m gonna be crowned!!

But not of any Tiara.

Hehe..actually, being 20, i have had ONE tooth extracted. My right premolar. As someone who sometimes (some fellas say ALL the time) smiles a little bit too wide, it’s hard for people not to notice. 

I know, it’s a sad sad loss..  And i had tried to look for dental seniors who were willing to make a bridge for the lost tooth, so that my other adjacent teeth won’t be out of place to fill in the gap. I tried my luck with the seniors because i heard that if i go straight to the clinic, i may have to be in the waiting list. And if at government hospitals, ‘the waiting list’ means..’the forever waiting’ list. But then i guess the seniors all have much more interesting cases to deal with. None that i approached are interested. *sigh*(u.u)’

Today, i went to the dental clinic to participate in a dental research done by a postgraduate dentist, but i didn’t make it as participant, because the reasearcher is only looking for perfect set of teeth – and mine, (duh~) is reduced. sob sob..  However, Dr. Ali (the postgraduate dentist) saw my missing tooth and suggest me to another dentist in the clinic for bridge. So i registered at the main counter, and waited.

After about 1 hour, i have my teeth checked by Dr. Syed. When he identified the problems and my concern, he asked, “is your father rich?” and i went “huh? err..well..he’s just a government servant”.

“well if your mom is rich, then i strongly suggest you to go for implant”

“how much?”



“it’s better, and best.”


“if you want to do bridge, i have to cut the immediate adjacent teeth to put the bridge on. they are still nice teeth. why would you want them cut?” 


“well no problem, you can consult your parent first. if the tooth is extracted in less than a year, (it is) maybe the price can be less to RM2700”

“ok i’ll try to talk to my parents first”

“okay, good. now let’s do something about the left caries.” he looked at the Xray of the particular tooth, and explained,”the caries is at the enamel only. the root are still perfectly intact, so can do only crown.”

“how much is it?”. Biggest concern.

“hree”, he spoke through the mouth mask.

“three thousand too?”


“three hundred?”

remove the mask, “FREE”.

“owh..hehe..ok.” but then i  remember the ‘waiting list’.

he asked about the extraction, and i told him, it was due to my childhood caries spread to the root.

“then we have to do this crown urgent, because it may go to the root too.”

“okay”. grinn. “any other problem with my other teeth dr?”

“no problem. all others are perfectly fine. let’s do the impression for the crown”

YAY! hehe..i know it’s not because of the lost tooth history that this was made urgent, because, there’s ‘advantage’ being a HUSM student. Ngee~~

So tomorrow, i have an appointment at 9.30am for crowning! Yay! ONE tooth saved. Hehe..tu je nak cerita. As for the implant, hmm.. I’ll consult baba & mama. Wish me luck! 🙂

P/s: take good care of your teeth. otherwise they gonna cost ya! ;P

  1. Iliana says:

    liyana said: haha ape la ko cite psl gigi ko kt blog. mmg muke tebal.

    me: x pe lah. (straight face. blush a bit. ;P)

    hehe she was right on 1 hand, it’s quite embarassing to tell about ‘caries’ at this age. lol.
    just so u dont get a diverted idea of the image, the caries is a childhood one! damn the sweets!haha..otherwise i have a nice set. ;P lalala

  2. zahirah says:

    ehh, i’m putting a link to your blog in mine okayy

  3. Iliana says:

    okayy sista. arigato ne~ 😉

  4. Syamimi says:

    All d best wif ur implantation, princess \(^,^)/ ahax, i’ll b needing a grand welcome here.Hee~

  5. Azie says:

    crown for free?
    wahhh! isnt is supposed to be thousands jugak?

    and good luck about the implant.
    think about the RM3000 as being a great investment 🙂

  6. jimjim says:

    pasal gigi.??

    wah, agak menarik topik itu..

  7. Iliana says:

    Fiq: Hye there fikka! Welcome to Royal Ramble!(arms wide open in a very welcoming manner, ahax!)Thank you dear, unfortunately the follow-up hd to be rescheduled due to important classes. pray fo me! 🙂

    Azie: hehe yupe, apparently it’s free in govt clinic! that’s how generous malaysian govt are! (i’m sayin this regardless the political party ya. ;P )

    jim jim: hoho..perli kaa bro..

  8. zahirah says:

    cik wan, bila mau update blog. buhsan da ni.

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