.going home.

Posted: May 31, 2009 in random rambles

Asslamualaikum & good day!

*it may not be a good day to you, but greet anyway.* 🙂

Things didn’t work out quite well. Some things aren’t done yet. *sigh*

Dr. Rohana haven’t replied my e mail. And she’s not in office. So the elective stuffs still not done yet. And i am going back today. To Mc’s house. Coz my bus to Raub is 9am tomorrow morning in Pasir Mas, so things in Kota Bharu must be settled before Mc’s. No time to come back again tomorrow.


Oh well, my mistake for not figuring things out properly i suppose.  Should’ve been prepared for the worse.

I have just done packing. Kind of, coz some stuffs can just be shoved into the backseat of the car (eheheh). I told Yana and Ain i’ll going back by 6 o’clock, so in this hour, they shall help me with the boxes. But look at what i’m doing. Huhu..malasnya nak gerak. Just felt like typing.


OK OK wan iliana is going to reaaaallly pack NOW.


And oh: I have screw in my gum. Haha okay that sounds gross. I’ll explain later in the next entry! ;P

  1. zahirah says:

    implant? must be implant~

  2. Iliana says:

    zahirah: haha jackpott!!

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