Posted: June 6, 2009 in minstrelsies

In my heart. 🙂


Carnations, dandelions, tulips and roses.

Blooming blithesomely in the garden of my heart.

Oh there’s also cherry blossoms,

Effloresce in its part.

I just love how they blow in the wind

As they bespeak the joy that I am feeling.



I am home.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister. The eldest sister.


I am a girl.

I am a pixie.

We have our laughs.

Our pixiesh pranks.


I donned the summer dress.

Despite the spring.

It felt like winter. Vaguely winter.

My ivory jacket on.


We went up the hill.

We twirled on the swings.

We rode the cyclone, our breathings hurricaned. (even its fo kids, foheavenssake)

We superman-ed the machine, it typhooned.

We hiked up high, and dropped in a jiffy.

Our beats almost stopped. (in my case it did)

I screamed my tears out. (I thought I wasn’t a crybaby till then)


We burnt our red notes.

We got the tokens.

We threw the balls.

We got only the mini dolls.

Ahh..the red notes.. (T.T)


Massive burgers. (just in the menu picta they were big)

Fried ice cream.

Corn in cup.

Hot dogs.

Lollipops. Smiles.


We looked around.

We snapped.


We posed.

We snapped.


We smile.

We snapped.


We laugh.

We snapped.


I see them laugh.

I snapped.

Ahh..my family. 🙂




Hot chocolate, mocha.



Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts.



Sunflower, carnations.



The bumper car, the go kart.



Spring in London, summer in France.



Lavender, lilac.



White, Ivory.



See with my ears, listen with my eyes.



Take a break, go beyond.



Morning person, all-nighter.



Take it all in, let it all out.



He loves me, he loves me not.

Confused…not. 😉 


Never to run again.

Not another lap. ;p

I am..enamored.



Melati, mawar, kenanga, orkid…

Mekar kalian sampai kapan pun ya.


saje letak. comel pic ni.. 😛


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