.ladies therapy.

Posted: July 29, 2009 in random rambles, yarns

Assalamualaikum and good day, all. 🙂

I’ve just came back from CFCS (Community and Family Case Studies) meeting 2 hours ago. After some meaningless wondering in the smallish room, i decided to write something in here, as i can’t sleep anyway (the aftermath of Nescafe Breakfast). 

As i online, there was a note from a friend of mine, Asyikin, or better known to us as Syukay. She has now, an online shop blog!!

As the owner claimed, the Ladies Therapy is purposely created to share one common thing that all gals are crazy about – shopping lah!

She sells variety of things, from clothings, sandals, to original designer bags, at more affordable price! If you crave for the luxurious Coach, but held down by a tight budget, then here’s the place for you! There’re also beautiful chiffon shawls i know you’d just love to have. 

these and more @ ladies therapy!!

these and more @ ladies therapy!!

So girls, are you ready? 

Get set, GO! 


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