Posted: August 10, 2009 in online boutique, yarns

Halloo there!
My 2nd post in August. 😛

August, the month of lotsa-going-ons. There’re majority of peeps buffdays (not-featured in royal ramble coz too many. huhu), convo break, school holidays, independence day and whatnot days, 8th of August being the most (or most not) special – which is the day i became 21!

Haha nothing special, no celebration, i just rest for the whole day since that’s the quality time to laze around in the house after its completion (my house’s been under renovation for almost 2 years (seems like decades).

At home? Yeah.., i suppose that’s not a weird thing anymore for a uni student nowadays, considering the current situation. Yes, the H1N1 flu (pronounced as selsema ‘hini’ by the Wans family) outbreak.

USM Health Campus had the first positive confirmation on the 6th, thus stopped the students’ activity for the week. Our CFCS activities were also cancelled, causing me the (not really) ultimate emotional and mental agression, considering all the group member’s hardwork and difficult situation undergone for that particular programme. Last2 tak jadi pulaaaaa..sob2. However, for the sake of the community’s well-being, and we don’t want to jeopardize any lives including our own, so have to back out jugak lah.

So here i am, enjoying my 3 weeks (1 week for H1N1 + 2 weeks convo break) holidaaaay!

So..lazying around the house, what did i do?
Hehe..apparently, 8th of August isn’t only the birthdate of me~ but also chosen to be the birthdate of Cinderella Collection, my mom’s first online boutique! Hehe so the laze-around session were actually filled with the boutique construction work. Saket tangan suda..snapping photos and uploading them with the kura-kura like so-called broadband into the online shop. But eventually the boutique came out fine (tersenyum).

Our home-based boutique actually have a wide variety for both gender, yet for starters, we emphasize only female clothings in the online shop. So, ladies, welcome to a new shopping experience!

mari mari! 😉

  1. tuty says:

    wah 3 weeks holiday tuuu..he3 kat kawan2 kasi la mura sket

  2. tuty says:

    wah 3 weeks holiday tuuu..he3 kat kawan2 kasi la mura sket btw hepi belated bday wan!! ^^

  3. Iliana says:

    tuty: huhu tu la.. serik suda jd surirumah berjaya. this 3 weeks nk try sumthing different lak. jd 24 hours surfer along with the ‘cheap things to do in free time’. hahaha.
    when i got my own boutique with my own modal, boley la nk edjast harga untuk korg. bt for now, i’m not the boss (yet). hehe

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