.Diamonds in a Cloudy Sky.

Posted: August 12, 2009 in random rambles, yarns

Good day. šŸ™‚

It’s 5.21am, and i’m still surfing. Huhu it seems like that’s all i have to do this week (since i havent come to sense of the importance to GET DOWN WITH ZA BOOKZ!! yet)

I was thinking of posting on how my day was, but as it can be cleared in one sentence -online, breakfast, needlework-attempts, lunch, dinner, online- (there) , i suppose i might as well share about something else today.

So i wonder,

What else happen on my 21st anniversary? (yeah, still the issue. but hey, aha aha, MY blog. :P)

Since Didi Aiman is so fond of astronomy, i adopted the idea to search in that field. And i found out this:

Diamonds in a Cloudy Sky on 08/08/2009
Cloudy skies over Wuhan, China hid the delicate solar corona during July’s total eclipse of the Sun. Still, the Moon’s silhouette was highlighted by these glistening diamonds as the total eclipse phase ended. Caused by bright sunlight streaming through dips and valleys in the irregular terrain along the Moon’s edge, the effect is known as Baily’s Beads, named after Francis Baily who called attention to the phenomenon in 1836. The dramatic appearance of the beads at the beginning or end of a total solar eclipse is also known as the Diamond Ring effect. In this remarkable image, a small, pinkish solar prominence can also be seen along the edge, below the diamonds.

This is from the APoD
Here they have everyday picture of astronomy going-ons! From The Milky Way, to the Space Station on Moon, inside the Nebula, even the Martian Sunset! They’re amazing. This one’s definitely going into my IE ‘favourite’ folder.

  1. Azie Nazri says:

    needle works?? what kind?

    and hey, hope its not too late to wish you Happy Birthday! šŸ™‚

  2. zahirah says:

    oh yea, a friend told me that there was meteor rain around 2-4am yesterday, that could be seen with naked eye around Asia. aish… i totally fgot about it T_T

  3. lijo says:

    Didi aiman huh?yeah.cute2.hee~

  4. Iliana says:

    azie: i was trying for a wee bag with stitch n rose-knots details. as i said, the ‘attempts’ didnt turn out so well n left half-way. maybe will continue later. and no, it’s not too late yet. thank u dear. šŸ™‚

    z: hoh? yaka? boy wudnt it b nice t witness it with our very own naked vision. xpe2, insyaAllah nanti ada rezeki. šŸ˜‰

    lijo: hehe cute kaa~ ngee~ ;D

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