.wide open space.

Posted: September 6, 2009 in minstrelsies

I see u adrift

I fell in silence

For I don’t talk

Not anymore


I wish for you

To sit beside me

To lie beside me

To crouch beside me

In the wide open space

And just see through me.

For I don’t talk

Not anymore.


Do you sense the woebegone little girl?

What does she have to tell?


Listen,through my eyes.

Look hard into my voice.

Is that bliss glittering,

Or is it grief, deepening.


I wait for, full of thoughts provoking

Not the sincere and gentle talking

                 With languor whispers and utters.                

I awaits a friend of sacred rights,

0r claimed the lover, of heaven’s heights.

As I feel the solicitude

Has loosen its grip on me


Yet I don’t know

What right has I

To where do I stand

To deserve the heedfulness

To what extent could I have you to agree

So I don’t talk.

Not anymore.


I spilled

I blabbed

I just don’t talk.

Not anymore.


Won’t you want to make me?


*a few lines that are juggled from 1 of william blake (i think) i read somewhere somewhen*


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