.and why do i have to learn french?

Posted: October 19, 2009 in tennis, yarns

because i have to start with the end in mind. (thus the initial dot in every title ‘stead of just at the end) And since the journey to the end has something to do with it, i think i should. Once i’m done with Japanese. and Arabic. and every other thing that occupies me still.

okay, that, and,

i don’t know why do i find myself hard to apply things that i learnt. If that’s still not obvious in my studies, (barf) try life. i knew long before, that if i dont take myself seriously, no one would.. well, except the ones that are biologically programmed to do so, a.k.a mama and baba and maybe a few significant others that gripped the meaning of loyalty by heart.

and yet, i relied. on what, who, it doesn’t matter. but i did that, and it brought me to being too patient with myself, and can’t seem to gain. i suppose didn’t take myself seriously as someone who can. the path has to be paved before me. thus i seems to forgot to clear the bushes on my own. in time, i eventually found myself to be some sorta  just a filler (altough it is a self-thought and maybe just paranoia). and that is unacceptable in my dictionary of contemporary life language. So, in mind of wanting to be a hey-let’s-take-her-and-polish ‘stead of an owh-okay-just-take-her, i am to get up and beat it.  

Putting on a mask of bravely-ready-to-undertake-em-all.

Tunggu..(dlm nada pengacara Melodi tv3) hehe.



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