.jolly mownin, with gwen stefanie’s on!.

Posted: November 17, 2009 in happiness, tennis, yarns

Assalamualaikum and good day! 😀

This should be posted yesterday, but since the internet connection was a bit off, i decided to go to bed early nstead.

Remember i said that it’ll be a good day yesterday? As i reckoned, it went well. 🙂 Actually just common routine were done, but somehow the emotion that i went through the whole day with was a bit exceptional (amygdala yang sihat?). The second day in psychiatry block made a bit more sense to me now. The lectures were rather apprehensible than the 1st day. Maybe it was the prejudice that i had in mind even before the week started made my first day of psychi boring and my lecture hours filled with deep sleep. (-.-“) Yet during the ‘illusional’ lectures, i realised that i have the wrong interpretation of the term ‘paranoid’. I have always been using it to describe my inferiority or diffidence, while in psychiatry, it actually means a phenomena in which somebody has a pervasive pattern of distrust or suspicion of others, e.g. someone wants to harm you. Haha okay, now that i knew better, i’ll use it appropriately.

In the evening, thank you Allah S.W.T for a beautiful weather yesterday, our intensive training for Sukad has eventually started. But no game yet, it’s back to the basic training first. We were trained like a 5 year-old, catching balls with our bare hands while the coach made us run across the court. The main focus was the footwork. To be able to give a nice stroke, one must know the appropriate distance to stop and form a proper stance. This is a very useful practice for me as i’m prone to lose balance when striking the ball. So most of the time i looked like playing aggressively while i was actually just trying to make the ball touch the racquet while being a foot away from the proper distance. And it makes me lose my breath faster.  Once i excel in footwork, it’ll help me to strike the ball right at the contact point, thus the ball will always go where the belly button points when i make impact. And the training comes with 3 rounds of sidesteps around two courts, too. (-.-“) Oh well. Hope today will be as ‘scorching’ as yesterday, so our training can resume.

At night, Ady, Yana, Mira, Aina and me went to Celana Villa, for a fine dining. Introduced by Mira, so she say where her boyfriend always bring her to, it was in a quite remote area in Pulau Melaka. The food was okay, but the ‘ayam lemon’ is a bit off. It taste like chicken dippped in sunquick. eekkk!! But overall i was satisfied with the newy-discovered dining spot. ;D

Haha okay i’m late for clinical case presentation. Toodle loo!!


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