.highschool stories.

Posted: December 13, 2009 in happiness, random rambles, school, SPM

When he look at you, and you look back,

“eh perasannya budak ni..mesti ingat aku tgh tengok dia.”

When you say “hi.” out of pure friend-making intention,

“poyo nye, layan je ah…”

When you stammer in front, due to pressure of being watched (and maybe afraid to being judged in front of so many people), if you ONCE looked at him,

“heheh..asal aku ada je dia cmni. cuak ngan aku arr tu” then put on a coy smile to his friends.

and even,

When you meet old buddies, (whom you thought time never flies when you meet again) and excitedly greeting them like, “hi! eyh, how are you?”

and they’d (or HE’D) be like,

“ahahaha asal minah ni overexcited ngat neh.” *giggle2 with other male homosapiens*.

Among the situations / monologues you, in innocence, might’ve never thought to occur in reality if you didn’t hear it yourself from your knew-too-well guy peeps. (or at least I didn’t think so).

But the last one happened to me though. Seriously Zaki, kuajaq hang.

Poor us girls…if we cared about it. lol. 😛 Oh well..just a nostalgia of some secondary school issues.

and by the weh,

I have We have formed a new studygroup! – since i seem to have some difficulties in keeping up with the schedule of the previous studygroup, plus some mind-boggling personal issues (there’s always that).  Muahaha

Our studygroup now consist of:

Und ME! 🙂

After a few sessions with the newly-formed one, i am so far satisfied with the discussion sessions and hope can go far with these peeps. But hell, still got A LOT to cover for the upcoming exams! weep weeeeeepp~

But we still have one month right? ONE month…just ONE, month… And professional exam is in TWO months..TWO (2) months..and SUKAD (inter-campus tournament) is in the end of January..THIS COMING January…

No pressure.

So while i’m still figuring out Myasthaenia Gravis, i might gonna have butt kicked by the tennis coach and seniors.

Adoiii. 😛

  1. cyberzwan says:

    Ruby’s such a Penyibok!!! I thought she already has a study group with Onn??? haha

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