.wordless uttered to this love and honor.

Posted: December 15, 2009 in happiness, secret, simple stuffs, yarns

Nikmatnya apabila doa dikabulkan. Betapa gembira. Air mata pun tiada makna dalam saat bahagia seperti ini. You are heard! Dalam berjutajutajuta hamba-Mu, aku antara yang terpilih jua. Tiada kata yang setimpal untuk menandakan kesyukuran ini. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. *senyum*

  1. Azie Nazri says:

    I really really really understand what you mean here. (just received our results) and yes, the gratefulness is just overwhelming. The least I could do in return is to continue pleasing Allah with my actions, etc.

  2. Iliana says:

    yes dear, truly. insyaAllah i’ll put my words into action juga. ;D

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