.becoming the one i swore to hate. (well not really, we don’t simply hate people. duh.)

Posted: January 9, 2010 in random rambles, simple stuffs, yarns

Assalamualaikum and good day. 🙂

Hope it had been a fine, fine, week for you in the newest year of our life. 😉

In this week, one of the fillings in my little brown book is the PSP (Medical Student Association) debate match which i already ticked done. I trully appreciate the effort to promote debate in the school as we are indeed in total lack of it. However, sadly, there were only 2 groups took part in it. One group is the obvious, which is from usmkk debate club (is it official anyway?) and the contender was a group which we pulled together out of nowhere somewhere.. (as Iqbal said if we don’t do this, the only one registered team will win undefeated, and i am not willing to let a debate won without any actual jaw-jaw done. Tabik spring kat Iqbal yang berani mencuba debat bahasa Inggeris walaupun dia sebenarnya lebih arif dalam debat bahasa Melayu & Hatif yang memang bidan terjun tulen. I admit that even I hesitated to join due to months of zero brainstorming on matters that matters.) However, the lack of participation is a blame to no one, as here in usmkk, we rarely find promotion or exposure on debate thingy. Many just haven’t experience it and doesn’t know yet, that it’s really a natural high (as for me, at least) to speak out on something important, knowing that you actually have a mind on things that concerns the community. And that brings me to what i was thinking prior to letting my phalanges run on the keyboard.

After the debate, I read through our ‘discussion’ that i wrote down in my brown book and i realized, there were lots of flaws done during the debate, from my side of the team. Some of the points i elaborated on were away from our stance-the real thing we supposed to fight for-, and some other errors and ramblings that I shoudn’t have done. So what actually have i been rambling on about? Where are the analysed pieces of thoughts by the readings done? Have i really been reading anything? Have i actually been talking nonsenses just to get over a debate? To win one?

There are two kind of debaters – the one who really want to have an opinion on matters and wants his thought to be heard and counted in for the better solution, and another, is the one who doesn’t really care about the world, he just wants to fight about it. (well there maybe more, but my brain just have this capacity. muahaha)

I’m afraid that as the time fly by, i have been a little ‘shallow’, and might fall into the second category. I realised i read less of books/webs on facts or intellectual minds in blogs nowadays. My interest have shifted to blogs with lots and lots of photos, especially on fashion and interior designs. But then, it’s not a crime, is it? Eheh..heh..heheh.. heh.. Hmm..

Adoila…then i guess i am in jeopardy of turning into someone the attitude i swore to hate dislike a bit. Read more please, Iliana. Do not let your mind starve and die in ignorance.


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