.note to self.

Posted: March 1, 2010 in simple stuffs

Assalamualaikum and good day to you. *i love it when i start with that coz when i’m wishing people well, it sorta tell myself i kinda am, too* 🙂

But that is just rethorically speaking coz actually, i am seriously boredddddd. Borrrrrrreedd. Booooorrrrrreeddd and please add morrreee Os and Rs and Es and Ds and ‘and’s to the spelling like it’s not yet annoyying enough.

This study month is killllinggg me!! What? These notes aren’t interesting enough to entertain? You tell me.

Figuring i would have no other significant aspect of my life rather than notes this study month (do i even have ’em BEFORE? i don’t know), i thought i’d stay away from the blog for a while. But since this is duper madly life-consuming, i decided to put up a post, even if a nonsensical one.


NOte-to-SeLf 4 pOsTExaM:
1. Work at Chek Sing.
2. Learn japanese seriously before fly in May.
3. Finish up the cross stitches.
4. Colour bedroom furnitures in WHITE.
5. Paint bathroom stripey purple or any other warna that makes sense.
6. Build rack for store room.
7. Make a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock t-shirt.
8. Go along with sister Yati’s plan lah.

I wonder which one will be ticked done? We’ll see. I’ll be updating the to-dos here after the exam. And for the time being, the list might still grow.

Take care! 🙂

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