Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I think mama is upset with me today. Coz i don’t want to drive her to Auntie Izah’s in Bentong. I was sick. I AM sick. Have been coughing till my torso hurts. But since i don’t have the sick look maybe, mama pushed me to go. Although she said it’ll be only for a while, but i know better. The promised 15 minutes will definitely be 2 hours. I mean, come on, 20 minutes drive for a 15 minutes visit? Don’t think so. And for the 2 hours i’d need to be smiling politely, watching them having conversation..look up from the ‘Anjung Seri’ pages that i’ve been flipping everytime i go there..(i can hafal which house pic in which page in which month’s issues already). That can happen if i don’t need to cough, and since my body hurt to do so, i’ll be refraining myself from coughing quite often and look as if i have constipation. Ain’t gonna put up with that. So i made my say. I’m not going!

“okay takpe, mama gi sorang.”

“adik, jom teman mama?”

my bro, been listening to the whole thing, just agreed.

So they went. When they’re back, mama hasn’t been making any eye contact with me – although there are perfect chances every now and then.


Sorry la mama…sakit betul ni.. 😦


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