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Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. πŸ˜€

This is me i guess. As for the fellas who’s been reading, you can see the pattern of me, blogging ‘furiously’ in a few days or so, then leaving the page to get dustbunnied for few months, then come again to collect the bunnies and maybe some easter eggs and blog for a day or two, and then buh-bye again until the next ‘open season’. All out at a time, and then ‘all OUT‘. Okay takpe. It’s my blog anyway. πŸ˜›

Just wanna share with you guys about my new ‘job’ i got on the internet. Last night i was chatting on ICQ, when i saw a spam ad bout a new chatting site – said there a ‘new state of the art flash technology’ and stuffs. And so i thought, why not? ICQ’s getting crowded with dirty punks asking for ‘webcam fun’ anyway. And so i hop over to nightowlchat.bullseyeradio.com.. Signed up, logged in, and ding, i’m in. With two other people named themselves clasi and DJ skyblue. Wondered why it’s so empty, but since it had said in ICQ ad that it’s new, i didnt bother asking. Blah3..the admin named John came in and asked me if i wanna be the moderator for the chatrooms. Got nothing much to do, i agreed. I pretty much just chat and kick and ban annoying chatters.

The people (and by people, i mean the TWO other chatter who’s also promoted to moderators and John the admin) were superbly nice they made me wonder are they for real? I mean, you can’t get such nice people who bothered to “hello guest” and “how can i help you guest?” “now what can i do for you guest” and “hope you have a nice time here guest” in a public chatroom. Most of the time peeps there will just “hey”, “asl” you or just shootingshits at you once you log in. Blah3.. i asked them their age, clasi said she’s 62, and DJ’s 60. And i went, “LOL..and i’m 80” and blah2..they talking politely and although bewildered by the ‘surreally polite’ situation, i just join in the chat once in a while. At one time i even said “LOL John, give em a break, they’re 60! LMAO..“..

Moments later i get to know how to read chatters profile, turns out they really ARE 40-60 year olds!!! With their pictures in the profile page. Grey hair. I practically gawked at the monitor. NO wonder la nobody talking ‘cool’ here..no wonder la so polite..no wonder la “you are very welcomed..” whenever i said thanks.. haha.. But then, since i already took the ‘job’, i sign in the site everyday to be there as the moderator..

They have live stream radio with the DJ being online as one of the chatters. The radio somehow is like one of the Astro retro radio channel that airs rock and country music. Plus you can video chat with 500 people at one time. So it’s kinda cool actually..apart from majority golden age there.. John asked me to bring more ’20s friends’ there.. I’ll see what i can do John. heheh..

I still think it’s funny though. The people there are pretty nice, but i kinda feel like working in a old folks home. hihihi..

Anyone interested in chatting online with 500 video channels at a time while tuning in to retro-like radio channel with live DJ that chats with you, can log in to nightowlchat.

There John, i did my part. LMAO. πŸ˜›

p/s: i really do enjoy the Bulls Eye radio channel. dumdumdumpumm.. πŸ˜€

  1. Thanks for the cool comments ! Hope to see ya all come by and really give the site a good workout ! πŸ™‚ The oldies you spoke of as of june will be moving to non video chat as Night owl chat is going to be an adult oriented site , but still open to those who just want regular video chat too , however the link to the internet radio will still be there if people want to tune in .


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