So, umm..

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Assalamualaikum and good day, people.

Have you ever been warned, “don’t immerse yourself in too much joy for sorrow will follow..”

Atau dalam bahasa Melayunya, “suka suka, nangis…”

Well it might a little, applied to me right now.

Remember how happy i was in my last entry? It didn’t last that long since i lost 3 of my cute lil guppies right after i came back from KL. 😥

I bought myself those guppies in May when i decided i might be a lil lonely if i were to stay and study at home along the sem break. Had a hemisphere see-through bowl for them, a classic, added a few waterplants, and calling it their home – although after a while felt pity for them to swim in such tiny house  and when i have money i want them to have a better spaced tank. Tapi tak sempat.. huaaaaa!!!! sobs.

I couldn’t believe i forgot to take them with me to Kuantan. So far i’ve travelled with them whenever we left our house unattended, like going back to kampung, stay in KL and such. But that day i somehow forgot about them altogether, leaving them 3 days without food. Omg i was being cruel! I tought about them when i was in Kuantan, wishing they would still be okay. How wrong i was when i came back and saw 2 of my gupppies floating with their tiny tummy facing the surface. 😥 I quickly sprinkled the fish food for the only one left. But she’s not eating. Maybe she’s too upset to eat, or she just hates me by then. I cleaned the bowl, gave her fresh environment, sprinkled more food, but after a while she still didn’t eat it. And to add salt to the wound, she died the day after. 😥 Bubbye me guppies… I named them but since i didn’t recognize the fishes anyway, i gave up the names. I haven’t even taken pictures with them for the memories.

Oh how can i be this mean?? What am i going to answer when i’m being questioned on the Judgement Day for being irresponsible of three unfortunate lives that i have caused to end? I can only pray that they’ll be happier wherever they are now and that i may be forgiven.

I’m sorry guppies..truly am.. 😥

  1. razman says:

    p.chekas byk ikan nk tangkap blk wat ganti..g x sbtu ni?

  2. Iliana says:

    haa..bleh gak. kaw tlg tangkapkan.

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