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Assalamualaikum and good day. 🙂

Hope it had been a fine, fine, week for you in the newest year of our life. 😉

In this week, one of the fillings in my little brown book is the PSP (Medical Student Association) debate match which i already ticked done. I trully appreciate the effort to promote debate in the school as we are indeed in total lack of it. However, sadly, there were only 2 groups took part in it. One group is the obvious, which is from usmkk debate club (is it official anyway?) and the contender was a group which we pulled together out of nowhere somewhere.. (as Iqbal said if we don’t do this, the only one registered team will win undefeated, and i am not willing to let a debate won without any actual jaw-jaw done. Tabik spring kat Iqbal yang berani mencuba debat bahasa Inggeris walaupun dia sebenarnya lebih arif dalam debat bahasa Melayu & Hatif yang memang bidan terjun tulen. I admit that even I hesitated to join due to months of zero brainstorming on matters that matters.) However, the lack of participation is a blame to no one, as here in usmkk, we rarely find promotion or exposure on debate thingy. Many just haven’t experience it and doesn’t know yet, that it’s really a natural high (as for me, at least) to speak out on something important, knowing that you actually have a mind on things that concerns the community. And that brings me to what i was thinking prior to letting my phalanges run on the keyboard.

After the debate, I read through our ‘discussion’ that i wrote down in my brown book and i realized, there were lots of flaws done during the debate, from my side of the team. Some of the points i elaborated on were away from our stance-the real thing we supposed to fight for-, and some other errors and ramblings that I shoudn’t have done. So what actually have i been rambling on about? Where are the analysed pieces of thoughts by the readings done? Have i really been reading anything? Have i actually been talking nonsenses just to get over a debate? To win one?

There are two kind of debaters – the one who really want to have an opinion on matters and wants his thought to be heard and counted in for the better solution, and another, is the one who doesn’t really care about the world, he just wants to fight about it. (well there maybe more, but my brain just have this capacity. muahaha)

I’m afraid that as the time fly by, i have been a little ‘shallow’, and might fall into the second category. I realised i read less of books/webs on facts or intellectual minds in blogs nowadays. My interest have shifted to blogs with lots and lots of photos, especially on fashion and interior designs. But then, it’s not a crime, is it? Eheh..heh..heheh.. heh.. Hmm..

Adoila…then i guess i am in jeopardy of turning into someone the attitude i swore to hate dislike a bit. Read more please, Iliana. Do not let your mind starve and die in ignorance.


.u wanna talk?.

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Go on. But bear in mind, it’s not without ‘complication’.

Problem with talking too much:

#1 asking for too much attention.

#2 blaming & never forgiving.

#3 revealing own weakness without even realizing.

#4 misdirected anger and frustration leading to confusion and self-insecurity.

#5 u’ll loose insight to what’s right and wrong .

In conclusion, speak when needed, read before asking and ask to the right person at the right time unless to show how cheap, easy and immature you are.

This is just a personal documentation of a piece of thought i get from Wira. No relation to whoever howsoever. Don’t find youself dwelling in this emo-seeming excerpt. Move on baby.

Nikmatnya apabila doa dikabulkan. Betapa gembira. Air mata pun tiada makna dalam saat bahagia seperti ini. You are heard! Dalam berjutajutajuta hamba-Mu, aku antara yang terpilih jua. Tiada kata yang setimpal untuk menandakan kesyukuran ini. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. *senyum*

.Sunathon 2009.

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Assalamualaikum and good day!

Becoming a surgeon this 18th. Hopefully.’ll be just a minor surgery. Berkhatan aje.

Coincidentally got an article on berkhatan on today’s Berita Harian. However not much relevance to the upcoming experience i suppose. Here’s a little excerpt from the article:

Apa pandangan anda mengenai budaya dan teknik berkhatan moden?

Jelas sekali kita menempuh fasa baru dalam proses berkhatan. Pada Sunathon 2009, kita mencuba kaedah baru yang antara lain menggantikan proses menjahit dengan gam khas pada kulit.

Bukan saja kaedah ini lebih kemas dan mudah, hampir tiada darah terhasil sekali gus menjadikan proses ini lebih selamat.

Bagaimana agaknya anda berdepan dengan kerenah kanak-kanak sebelum proses berkhatan?

Macam-macam boleh berlaku sebelum proses berkhatan bermula. Bagi saya, sudah lumrah semua kanak-kanak berasa cemas untuk disunatkan. Apatah lagi, mendengar pelbagai cerita yang disampaikan membuatkan mereka berasa takut apabila tiba waktu untuk disunatkan.

Namun, ini semua bergantung kepada diri mereka sendiri untuk menguasai perasaan takut hingga selesai proses berkhatan.

Boleh anda kongsi serba sedikit pengalaman anda menyempurnakan proses berkhatan?

Memang banyak kisah membabitkan kanak-kanak yang hendak bersunat ini. Tidak kira usia kecil atau besar, masing-masing ada ragam sendiri.

Tidaklah bermakna, usia 11 atau 12 tahun menjadikan kanak-kanak berani. Ini kerana ada si kecil yang berusia tujuh tahun tidak berasa takut disunatkan. Selain meronta-ronta, ada juga yang bersembunyi di bawah katil kerana tidak mahu dikhatankan.

Apa sebenarnya punca kanak-kanak cukup takut bersunat?

Selain mendengar cerita rakan-rakan yang bersunat, perasaan takut timbul sebaik mereka mendengar kanak-kanak lain menangis terutama selepas proses berkhatan.

Ini secara tidak langsung mengganggu psikologi kanak-kanak. Disebabkan itulah, sebolehnya kita tidak mahu kanak-kanak menangis terutama apabila acara berkhatan beramai-ramai diadakan.

For more read here.

Accusation = Harm?

Posted: November 18, 2009 in delusion, psychiatry, yarns

This evening was the video presentation session of psychosis in our class. Dr. Wee has shown us two videos on schizophrenic patient and we were to analyse the presentation / manifestation of psychotic problem in the patient during their one-on-one interview with the doctor.

I have to admit (sadly & with guilt) that i wasn’t at all serious with the session at first. What i observed was just how scary-looking the female patient was, with the long banshee-like hair and a voice that…..well, it gives me goosebumps. Then the doctor asked us what were the findings of the patient, and i snapped back into class and tried to pay more attention. The second patient was a man, claiming that his mummy accused him of stealing money, lotsa lotsa money. I was trying to give term to the findings, that i realised i have problem in analysing psychotic patient. I don’t know his affect. I reckoned it was blunt, but then what if he was just a bored patient who was bored being interviewed over and over? Coz he has the proper body language of  being bored, flexing his neck backward, slowly battling eyelashes and all. Can we state affect by body language or it has to be just the face? In his statement, he said that his mummy accused him of stealing money. Okay, maybe true, maybe delusion, has to confirm. If it’s a delusion, what category of delusion is that persecutory, guilt-or-sin? I tried to ask Dr. Wee, but maybe the way i delivered my question made it turned out a bit not quite. He asked me back my opinion, so i went, “err..persecutory delusion?” And he said that he’d agree. So i was like..hmm..okay.. I thought that persecutory delusion was just limited to physical harm like, poisoning, killing, beating. So (rupa-rupanya) it’s just the issue of my poor vocabulary. ;P

Persecutory delusions: These are the most common type of delusions and involve the theme of being followed, harassed, cheated, poisoned or drugged, conspired against, spied on, attacked, or obstructed in the pursuit of goals. Sometimes the delusion is isolated and fragmented (such as the false belief that co-workers are harassing), but sometimes are well-organized belief systems involving a complex set of delusions (“systematized delusions”). A person with a set of persecutory delusions may be believe, for example, that he or she is being followed by government organizations because the “persecuted” person has been falsely identified as a spy. These systems of beliefs can be so broad and complex that they can explain everything that happens to the person.

Read more:

Assalamualaikum and good day! 😀

This should be posted yesterday, but since the internet connection was a bit off, i decided to go to bed early nstead.

Remember i said that it’ll be a good day yesterday? As i reckoned, it went well. 🙂 Actually just common routine were done, but somehow the emotion that i went through the whole day with was a bit exceptional (amygdala yang sihat?). The second day in psychiatry block made a bit more sense to me now. The lectures were rather apprehensible than the 1st day. Maybe it was the prejudice that i had in mind even before the week started made my first day of psychi boring and my lecture hours filled with deep sleep. (-.-“) Yet during the ‘illusional’ lectures, i realised that i have the wrong interpretation of the term ‘paranoid’. I have always been using it to describe my inferiority or diffidence, while in psychiatry, it actually means a phenomena in which somebody has a pervasive pattern of distrust or suspicion of others, e.g. someone wants to harm you. Haha okay, now that i knew better, i’ll use it appropriately.

In the evening, thank you Allah S.W.T for a beautiful weather yesterday, our intensive training for Sukad has eventually started. But no game yet, it’s back to the basic training first. We were trained like a 5 year-old, catching balls with our bare hands while the coach made us run across the court. The main focus was the footwork. To be able to give a nice stroke, one must know the appropriate distance to stop and form a proper stance. This is a very useful practice for me as i’m prone to lose balance when striking the ball. So most of the time i looked like playing aggressively while i was actually just trying to make the ball touch the racquet while being a foot away from the proper distance. And it makes me lose my breath faster.  Once i excel in footwork, it’ll help me to strike the ball right at the contact point, thus the ball will always go where the belly button points when i make impact. And the training comes with 3 rounds of sidesteps around two courts, too. (-.-“) Oh well. Hope today will be as ‘scorching’ as yesterday, so our training can resume.

At night, Ady, Yana, Mira, Aina and me went to Celana Villa, for a fine dining. Introduced by Mira, so she say where her boyfriend always bring her to, it was in a quite remote area in Pulau Melaka. The food was okay, but the ‘ayam lemon’ is a bit off. It taste like chicken dippped in sunquick. eekkk!! But overall i was satisfied with the newy-discovered dining spot. ;D

Haha okay i’m late for clinical case presentation. Toodle loo!!

.just around the corner.

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SPM is! I have just remembered it just now and made a 5-minutes card for Abang Chik.


Haha i know, i know, it’s pathetic. But hey, it’s a less-than-5-minutes work. Wha’d you expect? ;P And besides, if i have an elder sister, i think i’d be glad to receive even a pathetic-looking soft card from her for my exam motivation.





To those who’s sitting for SPM,  i wish you all the best. And to those whose brothers or sisters are, let’s pray for their success. And for those who are in no bussiness of this year’s SPM league, please, out of pure charity, pray for my brother’s tranquility in answering and may he get good results.

p/s: just send them the wishes. even if it’s in the ugliest form of creativity you have forged. 😉