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I think mama is upset with me today. Coz i don’t want to drive her to Auntie Izah’s in Bentong. I was sick. I AM sick. Have been coughing till my torso hurts. But since i don’t have the sick look maybe, mama pushed me to go. Although she said it’ll be only for a while, but i know better. The promised 15 minutes will definitely be 2 hours. I mean, come on, 20 minutes drive for a 15 minutes visit? Don’t think so. And for the 2 hours i’d need to be smiling politely, watching them having conversation..look up from the ‘Anjung Seri’ pages that i’ve been flipping everytime i go there..(i can hafal which house pic in which page in which month’s issues already). That can happen if i don’t need to cough, and since my body hurt to do so, i’ll be refraining myself from coughing quite often and look as if i have constipation. Ain’t gonna put up with that. So i made my say. I’m not going!

“okay takpe, mama gi sorang.”

“adik, jom teman mama?”

my bro, been listening to the whole thing, just agreed.

So they went. When they’re back, mama hasn’t been making any eye contact with me – although there are perfect chances every now and then.


Sorry la mama…sakit betul ni.. 😦


It suddenly occurs to me,

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That i am living the era in which people quote Gossip Girl, and Forrest Gump quite often, rather than Marie Curie, or Marthin Luther King Jr, or Che Det.

.The day that went away.

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Assalamualaikum and good day! 🙂

Today is one of the few days that i woke up early after Subuh prayer. Yay for me. After looking through (or maybe just looking at, i’m not sure, based on my state of mind at that time) the Guyton Physiology and Kumar Med book, i went to the Sunday market to buy some staple food for the week, and get home and the rest was ordinary (and by ordinary i mean CSI, Leverage, House, a few AFCs’, napping, blog-surfing, gardening, garage work, blahblah).

And tonight, as you may have noticed, i tried to change my blog skin. I like the colour of the current one. However i can’t make the bloglist to appear at its supposed place like it used to be. But whatever, i hardly look at them anyway, since wordpress has no (or my free version don’t have it) the blog update, i often go to other fella’s blogger blog to see who’s updating so i can read the latest. But i’m still not satisfied with it. Maybe i’ll pick a time to re-do them. Tengoklah macam mana nanti. (seriously gaya orang pemalas dah sekarang ni).

Btw, i think i’m being a jerk this week. Aih..

I have GOT to find a way to stop this. Before all hell breaks loose, i better be nice to people.

When you feel like..

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..trying something new,

..acting creative and all,

You realllly hope that the broken sewing machine get fixed.

Pakcik kedai kasut yang hebat baiki mesin jahit dan potong jeans, tolonglah bukak kedai kamu yang dah seminggu lebih tak bukak tu.. Where art thou o talented cobbler?

.Small Issue.

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You are a FRIEND, and you hear another friend bitching about her, you are yet to be sure who’s closer to you, and you are clueless wether you SHOULD choose who’s closer, and you are still in the middle of agreeing or not agreeing with the bitching-about that was done, so you don’t know wether you should give advice to her with i-think-you-are-too in mind, or shall you remind her of her behaviour with the who-said-it coz even if it’s not with the who-said-it, once you mention, she’ll definitely know, and once she suggests it, you will LIE.

So does that make you, a coward?

What am i thinking? This is not even an issue. Ok bye.

.My Checklist Updates.

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Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you! 🙂

Remember these?

NOte-to-SeLf 4 pOsTExaM:

1. Work at Chek Sing.

2. Learn japanese seriously before fly in May.

3. Finish up the cross stitches.

4. Colour bedroom furnitures in WHITE.

5. Paint bathroom stripey purple or any other warna that makes sense.

6. Build rack for store room.

7. Make a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock t-shirt.

8. Go along with sister Yati’s plan lah.

As you can see, there are a few crossed ones. Well actually, i didn’t get the work at Chek Sing. Chek Sing is a botanical shop which sell plants for gardens. Apparently the job offer was taken back as he said he’s going to do more of landscape jobs this season, (i don’t know what ‘seasons’ does he go by) and will need more manpower (as in, MAN power). So a petite like me who’s generally only useful for looking after the kedai and watering plants and transfering them from black bag to the pots isn’t really necessary at this time of the ‘season’. Kecewa. Ok, keep calm and moving on..

As for the Japanese language, i am now learning by heart. But i still can’t figure much when i try visiting Japanese websites to train my efficiency in that language. It’s okay (consoling myself), berakit-rakit ke hulu..plus, Ady and Ena will be there to translate for me. muehehehe….

And the storeroom, i didn’t exactly build a new one, merely just modify the use of  the old bookshelf to suit it’s use in the store room as a tool rack.

Btw, i have white furnitures now! Yeay Yeay Yeay! 😀

Here are some pics of us trying to D-I-Y.

the bro kurang membantu. ceh.

She hold the brush when I hold the camera. ;P

Applying undercoat.

Pakdin yang begitu banyak berusaha, esp masa baba datang checking us out. Makin putih dia lepas cat perabot tu. ;P

Before it was transformed. I kinda miss the old woody look.

me being plumpy and bossy and all..

After all the demanding and crazy-hot madness under scorching sun, i don’t think the troops will come back to give a hand when i cry out help the next time. haha.. ;P

Guess i’ll be painting my bathroom purple by myself. (^^,)”


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I was overcaffeinating myself, now i suffer.

Ongoing dyspepsia for 3 days already. (-.-“)